881.00/2777: Telegram

The Consul at Rabat (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

11. My 10, January 31, 2 p.m. Serious disturbances occurred in Medina at Fez following its occupation by the military. According to French officials a military post which had been established in the town was attacked by the Tanner’s Guild acting as an organized body and about 15 natives were killed before order was restored. According to certain other sources the number of killed was about 30. The rioting did not last more than a few hours and no further disorders appear to have occurred since day before yesterday.

De Rose yesterday admitted that the police and military (both French and native) on duty in the Medina at Rabat were using perhaps unnecessarily rough [methods?] but explained that the murder [Page 538] of 2 policemen and 2 other innocent Frenchmen by the mob which attacked Si Mammeri (my 9, January 29, 6 [7] p.m.) had naturally aroused the police and military. Those arrested for participating in the riot at Rabat are being tried today by the pacha’s court.

To Department, repeated to Algiers as No. 10; to Tangier as No. 9. True readings to Casablanca and Tunis.