881.00/2771: Telegram

The Consul at Rabat (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

10. [Here follows a report of a conversation between the Chief of the Diplomatic Cabinet of the French High Commissioner and the British Consul General at Rabat.]

I am convinced that rioting was not spontaneous but was carefully planned and organized. Leaders doubtless expected arrests to follow immediately presentation of memorial to Sultan and if as probably was intended rioting had then occurred it would have lent color to leaders’ claims that they were merely the spokesmen for popular movement.

Arrests at Marrakech and Oudja mentioned my 9, January 29 are not connected with the last group of arrests made. Former were caused by continued circulation of petitions for independence contrary to Sultan’s orders. Persons arrested were released by pacha after day’s detention upon promise they would cease their activities.

No further incidents of importance are reported. Medina at Fez has been occupied by military forces since this morning. Medinas and European quarters at Rabat, Sale and Casablanca under military guard since yesterday or day before.

To Department. True readings to Algiers, Tangier, Casablanca, Tunis.