891.51A/1120: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Iran (Ford)

302. Please inform Dr. Millspaugh that in addition to the conversations in which we are engaged with the British and Soviet authorities95 [Page 401] to obtain full support for the adviser program, we are prepared also to make strong representations to the Iranian Government.

The next following telegram95a contains the text of a note we are prepared to authorize you to transmit to the Iranian Government in support of the adviser program. Dr. Millspaugh’s suggestions regarding the note will be welcome.

Before instructing you to deliver the note to the Iranian Government, the Department must be certain that the individual Americans at present employed as advisers, including Dr. Millspaugh, can be depended upon to cooperate fully in order to eliminate any justifiable grounds for criticism.

You are instructed to request Dr. Millspaugh’s assurance that he will request the Legation’s advice before making appointments to the Mission or important changes of assignment therein.

[Here follows section regarding certain appointments, actual or contemplated, to the staff of the Financial Mission.]

You should inform Dr. Millspaugh that the foregoing instructions are not in any way a reflection on his sincere effort. The necessity for making them is particularly regretted at a time when he is under attack. However, the importance of the adviser program in Iran to American foreign policy at this time leaves no alternative. Regardless of the individuals concerned, the Department intends fully to support the program, which constitutes an important implementation of an American policy supported by the highest authority of this Government.

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