891.51A/1087: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran (Ford) to the Secretary of State

249. Debate on Cabinet was resumed today.86 Deputy Kazemi spoke at length and bitterly against Millspaugh, emphasizing what he called Millspaugh’s dictatorial attitude and demanding that he be removed. Kazemi likewise criticized subordinate members of Mission by name, among them Solomon (Financial Agent in Khlizistan), Vivian (now Director General of Industrial Development), Shuckman [Page 396] (Director of Movements), and [omission] (assistant in Price Stabilization Section).

Deputies Etebar and Keshavar also criticized Millspaugh but in milder vein.

No vote was taken today. Debate is to be continued April 13.

  1. Mohammed Saed had replaced Ali Soheily as Prime Minister, and had organized a new government on April 6, 1944.