891.002/397: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran ( Ford ) to the Secretary of State



I asked Prime Minister what measures he would suggest to save adviser program should he lose power. He replied that he thought the only possibility would be to present to the Shah a united American-British front. He said British have always supported advisers in their conversations with him.

It is of course possible that Soheily has an ulterior motive in making [Page 393] these statements. Perhaps he hopes we will intervene to keep him in office. However Saed recently criticized Millspaugh Mission very severely in conversation with me (my 116 of February 21) and the last few weeks have seen an ever swelling volume of press criticism directed at almost all American advisers. There is talk of Majlis investigation of their work. I do not think therefore that Soheily’s remarks can be lightly dismissed.

I plan to see British Minister79 this evening, tell him frankly substance of Prime Minister’s statements regarding advisers and sound out his attitude toward a possible joint démarche, if such action should seem advisable. I also plan a more discreet approach to Soviet Embassy, and shall try to see Minister of Court and with a view to gauging court sentiment directly.

  1. Sir Reader W. Billiard.