891.77/6–2844: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran (Ford) to the Secretary of State

464. Reference Department’s 339, June 1. After discreet sounding out of British and Soviet Embassies here and further conversations with Persian Gulf Command on this I still feel obliged to adhere to views set forth in my 350, May 19. General Connolly does not think Vyshinski’s statement to British Ambassador Moscow (cited in Department’s 339) changes situation sufficiently to warrant reconsideration. I concur. Impression I have gotten from both British and Soviet representatives is that Russians are merely acquiescing in our participation but have no special interest in it while British would like us to join but do not regard this as essential.

I do not believe failure to participate would affect tripartite economic conversations. Railroad question has never been mentioned in two meetings held so far.

Department’s 320, May 22 was delayed in transmission and received after Department’s 339. Accordingly Legation has not informed British or Russians that United States proposed to withdraw from negotiations and I shall take no action in this regard pending further instructions. However my feeling is we should notify all parties as soon as possible that we have decided our participation is unnecessary. If Russians should then strongly insist that we join, a new question would be presented but Legation’s information does not at present indicate that we have grounds for expecting such an attitude.