The Director of the Office of Near Eastern and African Affairs (Murray) to the Ambassador in Iran (Morris)

Dear Iceland: We have received your timely and interesting despatch no. 56 of September 29 enclosing a copy of a note from the Foreign Minister which tackles the question of the disposal of military installations and equipment in terms of “it is certain” and the Iranian Government “expects”.

We are somewhat concerned that the Iranians may believe that your simple acknowledgment of the note from the Foreign Office expresses acquiescence in this exaggerated viewpoint. They may later take the view that we failed to take issue with them when they brought the Iranian viewpoint to the Embassy’s attention.

While we do not wish to make an issue of the matter or to treat it out of proportion to its importance, it is suggested that you inform the Foreign Minister that while we cannot agree to the categoric language used in his note we will be pleased in disposing of military equipment to bear in mind the desires expressed in his note. However, in disposing of these materials we will necessarily have to bear in mind not only Iranian needs but also the American military needs [Page 365] and other interests in the light of the war situation prevailing at the time of the withdrawal of our forces from Iran.

Sincerely yours,

W[allace] M[urray]