890H.24/6–3044: Telegram

The Minister in Afghanistan (Engert) to the Secretary of State

104. I should appreciate learning outcome of conversations referred to in second section of your 48, May 10.

Since then I have had several talks with the British Minister and I know he has definitely recommended to his Government that a separate tonnage quota for American exports to Afghanistan be granted. We are in complete agreement that such quota would be desirable provided our two Legations continued to screen global Afghan requirements as to source of supply and urgency. Subject to this screening and selective licensing by FEA, the Afghans would be permitted to make their own priority rating within the quota. It is also assumed that War Shipping Administration would review Afghan cargo lists to prevent misuse of shipping space.

It would have to [be] made clear to Afghans that if they wasted quota on nonessentials they could not expect to obtain additional tonnage for essentials.

Quota of 300 tons per quarter should be adequate for the present but space for motor vehicles should be allocated in addition and as special case.