811.7445/8–1244: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Officer in Charge at New Delhi (Merrell)

570. Re your 542 July 25. Following is message which Mr. Fly, Chairman of Federal Communications Commission will transmit to [Page 296] Sir Mohammed Usman through facilities of RCA Communications and Mackay Radio and Telegraph Company upon occasion of opening of direct radio telegraph circuit between United States and India.

“It is a pleasure indeed to greet the Indian government and people on the occasion of the opening of the first direct commercial radiotelegraph circuit between the United States and India. By means of such radio circuits, messages which a century ago would have taken weeks or even months to reach their destination are now transmitted with the speed of light. I trust that the new circuit will further strengthen the bonds of friendship between us, and will hasten the day of victory in the war which we are fighting together.”