The Secretary of State to the Officer in Charge at New Delhi (Merrell)

No. 158

The Secretary of State refers to previous correspondence in connection with the establishment of direct radiotelegraph circuits between the United States and India to be operated at the United States end by Mackay Radio and Telegraph Company and R.C.A. Communications, Inc., and encloses for the information of the Mission, as well as of the appropriate Indian authorities, a copy of a letter of May 2, 194416 received from the Federal Communications Commission requesting the Department’s assistance on account of certain difficulties which have arisen in connection with the establishment of the aforementioned circuits.

[Page 295]

The Mission is requested to bring this matter to the attention of the Indian authorities and to urge that the direct circuits be established upon the basis requested by the Commission, as set forth in summary on pages 3 and 4 of its letter. The Mission is requested to advise the Department by telegraph of the result of its action in this matter.

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