Press Release Issued by the Department of State, August 27, 1944

Representatives of the Government of India arrived in the United States recently at the invitation of the Government of the United States for a series of talks with American officials on the subject of post-war civil aviation.

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The discussions, which have now terminated, were conducted on a friendly and informal basis and were preliminary and exploratory in character.

Both sides were agreed that it was desirable to adopt all practicable measures to promote the early expansion and development of international air services for the common benefit of the peoples of the world.

Questions relating to the transit and commercial entry of aircraft, as well as the constitution and functions of an International Air Organization, were discussed. The exchange of views disclosed a considerable measure of agreement in regard to regulatory measures in the technical field. Both sides were also agreed that the calling of an international conference to draw up a multilateral air navigation convention would be both beneficial and desirable.