The Acting Assistant Chief of the Division of Cultural Cooperation (Peck) to Dr. J. M. Kumarappa, Director of the Tata Institute of Social Studies at Bombay

My Dear Dr. Kumarappa: Now that you are starting on your tour of the United States, permit me to wish you pleasant experiences and success in your undertakings.

It is particularly important that, as the first guest of the Department of State from India under its program of cultural cooperation, you should achieve the principal objects of your visit, among them being conferences with specialists in the fields of social welfare and of education and the obtaining of data that will be of use to students and technicians who in the future may desire to come from India to the United States for academic instruction and technical training.

The Department has found a general and cordial response on the part of the American public to opportunities presented for participation in the Department’s program of cultural cooperation with other nations. I am confident that you will meet with friendly and helpful consideration along your way.

Sincerely yours,

Willys R. Peck