Memorandum by the Secretary of State to President Roosevelt

Drew Pearson recently published in one of his columns a letter which Ambassador Phillips had sent you on India. The Department has expressed its regret over its publication but Sir Ronald Campbell recently asked if a statement could be issued by this Government disassociating us from the views expressed in Mr. Phillips’ letter. He referred especially to the following points:

The damaging reference to the morale of the Indian Army.
The unfair reference on the part that Britain was going to play in the war against Japan.
Churchill’s reference to the fact that the Atlantic Charter did not apply in India.

It is the Department’s feeling that it would be impossible to issue a statement satisfactory to the British inasmuch as we share in general the views expressed in the Ambassador’s letter. Unless you feel that we should comply with the British request, I would appreciate having your permission to tell the British that we consider it preferable to make no public statement on the subject.