890F.6363/10–1644: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Saudi Arabia ( Eddy )

213. Aramco is instructing its Jidda representative to acquaint you with information contained in company’s cable no. 57 from Davies to Ohliger38 regarding pipeline reconnaissance party.39

Although Aramco desires you to be fully informed of these plans, it is not expected that it will be necessary for you to take any action with regard thereto. However, should the King or Saudi Arabian officials inquire of you regarding the subject, you may state that it is purely an Aramco matter in which this Government is not involved, but that this Government has been fully informed of the company’s plans and entertains no objection to them. In the event it should appear necessary to take any active measures to assist the company [Page 35] in this matter, you should report fully to Department and request instructions.

  1. Floyd Ohliger, General Manager for Aramco in Saudi Arabia.
  2. In telegram 2870, October 16, 1 p.m., to Cairo, the Department stated: “The Arabian American Oil Company plans to send soon a party of eight to the Near East to conduct a short preliminary reconnaissance, chiefly aerial, to ascertain the most advisable and best route in general, as well as terminus, of such pipeline as might be constructed, if and at such time as conditions permit, to the Mediterranean from the Persian Gulf. Although the company is not planning at present to construct the pipeline, it is making the reconnaissance on the basis of the company’s own initiative so that it will be prepared to build the line later should circumstances warrant. When the route is decided upon, the company intends to negotiate with the governments involved to obtain the right, but without obligation, to construct the line,” (800.6363/10–1144)