868.01AMG/11–144: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Greece (MacVeagh)

27. Suggestion has been received from British Embassy along lines set forth in your 4, November 1.21

In summary it states that the military period in Greece may extend for some time and that the military will be responsible for maintenance of Greek economy during that time. Particularly in field of finance expert advice from competent civilian authorities and close liaison with Greek Government will be needed. ML Greece are not equipped to handle such problems. British therefore intend to appoint Mr. Caccia as principal civil adviser to Lieutenant General Scobie21a and to represent Mr. Macmillan.21b They also intend to appoint a supply [Page 206] and a financial adviser and they would also be responsible for consultation concerning economic policy with Greek Government departments. British hope US Government will appoint similar advisers. End summary. Department has replied along following lines: This Government is prepared to appoint two advisers to Lieutenant General Scobie in view of our interest in the immediate economic and financial problems of Greece and of US Army participation in distribution of civilian supplies. US Ambassador to Greek Government will detail these advisers one of whom will serve as financial adviser and the other as economic and supply adviser. It does not appear necessary to appoint an adviser for general civil affairs and political matters since US Army participation in civil affairs activites is limited. Our Embassy will consult Greek Government concerning such problems and will give General Sadler such advice as he may need in this regard. If it subsequently appears that an additional American official especially to advise the military authorities is needed our Ambassador will make appropriate arrangement. End reply.

Arrangements are being made with Treasury for departure in near future of expert to be attached to your Embassy and detailed as adviser to Scobie. It is suggested that you detail Harry Hill as economic and supply adviser.

  1. Sent as telegram no. 1084, November 1, 12 p.m., from Caserta, not printed.
  2. Ronald M. Scobie, British General Officer Commanding in Greece.
  3. Harold Macmillan, British Minister Resident at Allied Force Headquarters, Mediterranean Theater.