868.48/11–1344: Telegram

The Ambassador in Greece (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

33. The Swedish Government has instructed its Commission here that if Swedish ships are to continue to bring supplies to Greece some members of the Commission must remain here in an advisory capacity to guarantee distribution on an indiscriminatory basis. Mr. Sandstrom is accordingly remaining with a couple of his assistants and the ML and UNRRA are now endeavoring to set up a policy committee which should include the Swedes and be acceptable to the Greek Government, the last named handling distribution from December 15 onwards subject to the committee’s advice with UNRRA contributing “inspectorial supervision”. Meanwhile the Government will prepare distribution plans to apply at first only in the capital and the areas normally served therefrom but to be extended later as and when its authority in the provinces permits (see my 13, November 6, 6 p.m.).

The Swiss have not yet decided what they intend to do in this connection but may ask to be included on the policy committee. Their delegate Deglutz has gone to Geneva where he will seek instructions.