868.48/11–744: Telegram

The American Representative on the Advisory Council for Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

1203. Chief Administrative Office AFHQ in personal message to War Office has reported that Swedish-Swiss Red Cross will probably terminate their activities in Greece in about 6 weeks since they are in bad odor with Greeks owing to alleged collaboration with Germans.

It is CAO’s view that this organization which has proved itself so efficient in the distribution of relief should not be allowed to lapse. He adds that ML (Greece) will step into the breach but suggests that a high powered businessman well vested [versed?] in the organization of distributing food supplies urgently needed to head this type of relief. Finally he asks whether War Office can suggest name of any civilian who for this purpose could be fitted into an UNRRA establishment.

In this connection report has been received from ML (Greece) that demonstrations against the Swedish-Swiss Red Cross have ceased for first time in several days and that Greek police has agreed to take vigorous action if they recur. According to verbal advice from Swedish Minister the Germans have granted permission for Swedish ships now at Gibraltar and Malta to proceed to the Piraeus.

Sent Department, repeated Athens as 12.