870.01 A.M.G./76: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé Near the Greek Government in Exile in Egypt (Shantz)

Greek 42. The Department has given preliminary consideration, in consultation with the War Department, to your despatch no. 133, June 14, 1944, and General Sadler’s92 telegram No. N25881, July 2, to the War Department93 concerning the proposed conclusion of an Agreement in Regard to the Functions and Actions of the Allied Military Liaison Force in Greek Territory.

An agreement with the Greek Government of the type in question appears necessary and desirable in order to regularize and define the status of the Allied Force.
Such agreement should be concluded between the British and the Greeks.
Notes would be exchanged between this Government and the Greek Government associating this Government with the Anglo-Greek Agreement in so far as it involved the status of the limited American personnel engaged only in the civilian relief and rehabilitation activities.
Consequently we have no objections to AMHQ Balkans proceeding with draft of agreement. In this connection we believe the following should be borne in mind:
There is a fundamental difference between the situation in Western Europe, where large-scale Allied military operations against the enemy are provided for, and Greece, where such operations are not presently contemplated. The agreement should accordingly provide for a more restricted delegation and speedy restoration of the sovereign authority of the Greek Government throughout Greek territory.
The agreement should spell out the limited extent of American participation, making it clear that United States military are not concerned with other than civilian relief and rehabilitation.
The agreement should be consistent with the agreement between UNRRA and the military authorities covering UNRRA’s participation during the military period.
In general the terms should be so drawn that the Agreement will obviously be to the mutual advantage of Greece and the other parties and therefore equally acceptable to the Greek Government in exile or to a Government formed in Greece after the liberation.
General Sadler’s Mission should participate in the drafting to the extent and on the lines indicated in the foregoing observations.
Draft of agreement should be submitted to you as well as your British colleague and should be approved by this Government prior to its formal presentation to the Greeks.

War Department is sending similar instruction to General Sadler.

Sent to Cairo, Greek Series. Repeated to London and to Algiers for Murphy.94

  1. Brig. Gen. Percy L. Sadler; appointed U.S. Deputy Commander for Relief and Rehabilitation (Greece) on September 2, 1944.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Robert D. Murphy, U.S. Political Adviser, Staff of the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater.