The British Minister (Sansom) to the Deputy Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Ballantine)

Dear Ballantine: Confirming my oral communication to you on February 26, this is to inform you that it is proposed to make the [Page 1313] Declaration regarding Siam, of which I handed you a copy, at the first suitable opportunity.

We were instructed in handing you the text of the Declaration to give you a general statement of the policy of His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom towards Siam on the following lines:

The declaration does not in our opinion tie our hands as regards any political, economic or strategic arrangement which may be thought desirable in the interest of collective security after the war. Equally, it does not prejudice one way or the other the question of the ultimate recognition of a Free Siamese Committee, but we propose that this question should be left in abeyance pending further clarification of the complex issue involved. While there may be advantage in having Pradit outside of Thailand, we do not propose to offer to him or to anyone else any inducement to come out, beyond this declaration. We would not, for instance, at once offer him the presidency of a Free Siamese Committee or the unfreezing of Siamese funds. If he comes out we can reconsider the matter. Meanwhile our interest is confined to seeing that the best use is made of such Free Siamese material as is at our joint disposal. We propose to keep in close touch with the Department of State and trust that they will agree to consult us before any further step is taken.

I should add that I do not read the above statement as meaning that we shall not give what assistance is in our power to Pradit to enable him to leave Siam.

Yours sincerely,

G. B. Sansom