895.01/340: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

969. Information Minister10 is quoted by Ta Kung Pao as stating May 28 at Sino-Korean Cultural Association tea for new members Korean Provisional Government “China must be the first nation to recognize” Korean Provisional Government as both KMT11 and Chinese people favor such action. Sun Fo12 also quoted as saying at same function he hoped “Allies would recognize New Korean Government as early as possible”.

Koreans apparently making determined effort obtain recognition as evidenced by Korean submission to Kuomintang CEC13 during session in late May of appeal for Chinese recognition of “Provisional Government”. Appeal pointed out that China should be first to extend recognition as action would further strengthen China’s right to speak for “oppressed people of Asia”. Korean representative here has shown to Embassy officer document asking for United States assistance in obtaining recognition which Koreans wish to present to Vice President14 upon his arrival. Chinese may have purposely given impetus to this Korean action and Information Minister’s statement may have been made to indicate to Koreans that failure of Allied Nations to recognize “Provisional Government” not Chinese fault. Otherwise, this public statement difficult to explain as it does not seem likely that China would unilaterally extend recognition without prior consultation with her Allies.

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  3. President of the Chinese Legislative Yuan.
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  5. Henry A. Wallace. For correspondence on his mission to China, see vol. vi, pp. 216 ff. Despatch 2727, June 29, from Chungking, reported: “It did not prove feasible for the Vice President to see representatives of the ‘Korean Provisional Government’ while he was here, and although the letter addressed to him by that ‘Government’ … was handed to Mr. Wallace, it is doubtful if, in the press of his visit, he was able to give it very close attention.” (895.01/6–2944)