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Memorandum Prepared by the Inter-Divisional Area Committee on the Far East


Japan: Should the Military Administration of Civil Affairs Be Punitive, Mild or Primarily To Safeguard Reparations?3

It is recommended that the military authorities should administer civil affairs in Japan, so far as is consistent with the maintenance of security and with military requirements, with the view of assisting toward the realization of the stated objectives of the United States.

The character of the military government, the degree of severity [Page 1214] which may be found necessary or, on the other hand, the extent of assistance which it may be possible to extend to the Japanese people, and the time when this assistance may be given, will depend in large measure on the conduct and attitude of the Japanese, their willingness to carry out the terms of surrender and of the treaty of peace, and their cooperation with the military authorities and with the governments of the United Nations.

The military government will naturally take such action as may be found necessary to safeguard the security of the occupying forces. Otherwise, its measures should not aim to be punitive in character or needlessly humiliating to the Japanese people.

As to reparations, the military government should await a directive from the Department of State. The military authorities, in short, should aim to establish an administration of civil affairs which will give the greatest measure of effectiveness with the least possible friction.

Prepared and reviewed by the Inter-Divisional Area Committee on the Far East.

TS: GHBlakeslee (drafting officer) ISO: QWright
JA: ERDickover ”  ” JA: BRJohansen
FSO: EHDooman ”  ” FSWilliams
LA: ALMoffat ”  ” CA: JCVincent
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