The Spanish Embassy to the Department of State

No. 171
Ex. 119.01


The Spanish Embassy presents its complaints [compliments] to the Department of State and begs to transmit the following memorandum received from the Japanese Government through the “Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores”45 of Madrid in which it complains against the conduct of the American soldiers in Rome with regards to the Japanese Envoy to the Vatican:

Memorandum—July 28th, 1944

“The Japanese Government have received a telegraphic report through Vatican from Mr. Ken Harada, Japanese Envoy to the Vatican, according to which Mr. Harada together with the members of his staff, and a number of visitors was confined to his official residence which is in the city of Rome, from the 6th June, It was on the 9th June that he was allowed to communicate with the Vatican under police supervision.

During the period of confinement United States soldiers intruded into the official residence several times and when Mr. Harada demanded their withdrawal they retorted in threatening and insulting language.

In particular they were so insolent as to note that as Japan disregarded international law, she had no right to claim its observance. They also expressed an entirely groundless allegation that female members of the families of the Envoy’s staff were spies disguised as women.

The above mentioned conduct of the United States soldiers is not only a violation of the inviolability to which a diplomatic agent is entitled in international law, but also refusal of the due respect which is universally rendered to him in civilized countries.

The Japanese Government hereby lodge a most emphatic protest with the United States Government against the above mentioned conduct of the United States soldiers.”

  1. Ministry for Foreign Affairs.