740.00117 P.W./106

The Department of State to the Spanish Embassy


The Department of State refers to memorandum no. 88 of May 1, 1944 from the Spanish Embassy in charge of Japanese interests in the continental United States and the Department’s memorandum of May 6, 194430 in acknowledgment thereof concerning alleged attacks by aircraft on the Japanese hospital ships Yosino Maru and Tatibana Maru.

It is noted that the alleged attack on the Yosino Maru is said to have taken place on January 26, 1944 at three degrees forty-five minutes south latitude and one hundred fifty-one degrees forty-two minutes east longitude, while that on the Tatibana Maru is said to have occurred on March 14, 1944 at two degrees fourteen minutes south latitude [Page 1161] and one hundred twenty-four degrees thirty-seven minutes east longitude.

All evidence points to the conclusion that the alleged attack upon the Yosino Maru was that referred to in the Department’s memorandum of April 27, 1944, the substance of which was also sent to the American Legation at Bern for communication through Swiss channels31 to the Japanese Government. A full account of the attack on January 26 is contained in the Department’s memorandum of April 27 and there is no further information to add thereto. It is assumed that the Japanese Government at the time of making its protest in respect of the Yosino Maru did not yet have available to it the information set forth in that memorandum.

It has been ascertained after careful investigation that no United States aircraft was operating in the vicinity of the alleged attack upon the Tatibana Maru during the night that it purportedly occurred. The United States Government accordingly disclaims all responsibility for the attack said to have been made upon the Tatibana Maru.

  1. Latter not printed.
  2. Telegram 1457, April 27, to Bern, p. 1153.