750.00115 P.W./12–1144

The Spanish Embassy to the Department of State 13

No. 252
Ex. 150.000


The Spanish Embassy presents its compliments to the Department of State and has the honor to transmit the following Memorandum from the Imperial Japanese Government, received through the “Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores” in Madrid:

Memorandum—December 9, 1944.

“A dispatch from Newsweek correspondent in Saipan dated 28th August, which was published in United States, reveals the fact that whole Japanese male civilians interned in Saipan ranging between ages of sixteen and fifty-five are registered for work and are engaged in work from eight hours a day on airfields, etc.

It is presumed from above report that Japanese civilian internees in Saipan are forced to work and if so, Japanese Government wish to point out that it is contrary to understanding between Japan and United States relating to mutual treatment of civilians. Even if work is not compulsory it is needless to say that it is unlawful to engage internees in construction of military airfields.

Japanese Government, therefore, protest to United States Government against this unlawful employment of Japanese civilian internees and demand United States Government immediately put a stop to it.”

  1. Acknowledged by the Department on December 22.