711.94114A/12–1544: Telegram

The Chargé in Switzerland (Huddle) to the Secretary of State

8144. Far East Repatriation—American Interests. Foreign Office note December 11 states American proposal contained your 3933, November 18, submitted by Gorgé to Minister [Koichi?] Suzuki, Chief of Foreign Interests Division, Japanese Foreign Office. After briefly outlining this proposal to Suzuki, Gorgé offered to submit it directly to Shigemitsu75 but Suzuki stated that, as this was a question to be decided by War Ministry, he would handle it himself. Gorgé explained entire proposal to Suzuki and to avoid misunderstanding left a memorandum. Suzuki gave no reply but promised examine matter with Foreign Office with view to submitting it to War Ministry.

  1. Mamoru Shigemitsu, Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs.