711.94115 Exchange/11–1844: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

7615. American Interests—Far East.

Substance all but last two paragraphs your 3851, November 11, communicated Foreign Office November 14.
British Legation advises British Government has as yet made no proposal Japanese Government. Last communication from British Legation to London dated October 28 to effect Gorgé again personally approached Japanese Foreign Office on October 10. Gorgé gained impression repatriation difficulties particularly due transport as Japanese probably have no suitable ship their disposal. Under circumstances discussion made no progress. During previous interviews Japanese Foreign Office had vaguely made it understood but without assumption any obligation that solution could perhaps be found if neutral ship placed Japanese disposal manned by Japanese crew as Japanese military authorities could not allow neutral ship with neutral crew to navigate in waters under their control. Above suggestions had personal character but as matter dragging Gorgé considers it useful seek opinion British and American Governments. He believes that if Great Britain and United States could provide ship to be navigated by Japanese crew one or more exchanges could perhaps be carried out.
British Legation has received no response from London.
De Pury advised by note November 16.
British Chargé, Bern, suggested joint action his and our Government and indicated is so recommending London.