711.94115 Exchange/277: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

1897. American Interests—Far East. Department’s 767, March 7th. Foreign Office note March 25 states Gorgé has reported he will [Page 1085] examine all questions with view Department’s desires and adds that Japanese Foreign Office has not yet received from Spanish Embassy, Washington, communication regarding priorities choosing Japanese repatriates.59

Gorgé already proposed to Foreign Office begin discussions regarding evacuation Americans as settlement several problems probably involve considerable time because principles adopted previous exchanges will have to be modified as, for example, concerning repatriation sick and wounded. By such actions, hopes make all preliminary arrangements so that evacuation can begin soon after Japanese definitely agree further American-Japanese exchange. Gorgé feels further exchange might interest Japan especially regarding repatriation personnel Buenos Aires Embassy but Japanese have made no statement [regarding?] question.

Above-mentioned Foreign Office note handed to Tait60 by Bisang61 who is of opinion only method of arranging exchange is on the basis of repatriation Japanese from Argentina.

  1. The communication referred to was Spanish Embassy Memorandum No. 360, Ex. 115.00 B, December 29, 1943, which transmitted a priority list of 387 Japanese nationals and two lists of 535 internees at Santa Fe who had requested, for themselves and the 738 members of their families, that the Japanese Government accord them the highest priority for inclusion in the next exchange. In telegram 1308, April 17, the Department informed the Minister in Switzerland that the priority list was received by the Japanese Legation in Spain on February 2, that the Japanese Foreign Office was so informed by telegraph on February 11, and that the complete text of the list was transmitted to the Japanese Foreign Office on February 12. (711.94115 Exchange/29, 277)
  2. Georgé Tait, First Secretary of Legation in Switzerland.
  3. Emil Bisang of the Division of Foreign Interests of the Swiss Foreign Office.