711.94115 Exchange/115: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

531. American Interests—Far East—Repatriation. Swiss note January 24 states Gorgé informed [of] Department’s 3121, December 15.55 He informed Foreign Office that before determining general lines plan third exchange [he] wishes submit following observations.

Accommodations Teia Maru56 being inadequate large number sick, seriously wounded, Gorgé proposes limit subject approval Japanese Government number sick to 100 including doctors, POWs, nurses. Failing [establishment of] neutral medical commission, Japanese War Ministry would select wounded, sick.
Presumes POW repatriation this category will all be Americans, Canadians.
Of 1400 places available following accommodation sick, wounded, Gorgé proposes fix quota 180 for Canada, 70 Latin America. These calculated approximately basis number repatriation requests presented.
Proposes give Hong Kong principal consideration allocation 1150 places reserved Americans. This connection reports cases certain number Americans whose families [are] alien. Under criteria established these repatriable only final exchange. They nevertheless request evacuation third exchange. As their situation becoming very distressing, Gorgé desires know whether some exception criteria may be authorized Hong Kong. Desires particularly receive directives inclusion third exchange Americans Chinese race.
For China should be about 1,000.
As evacuation Americans remaining Philippines excluded in principle, Gorgé proposes fix quota 100 in which he hopes include sick, women and children. Should Japanese Government during course negotiations agree evacuation Philippines on larger scale, this quota could be raised to 500 and quota foreseen China reduced proportionally.
Quota Japan and Manchuckuo limited to special cases.
Some places might be reserved Americans Indochina who applied too late for evacuation. However, Gorgé foresees possibility complete omission quota Indochina.
No Americans for repatriation remain Thailand.
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Swiss note adds Gorgé will study complete repatriation plan immediately upon receipt Department’s views foregoing. Will examine with Japanese Foreign Office arrangements third exchange basis this plan.

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  2. Vessel used by Japan in implementing second exchange agreement.