868.01/548: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Greek Government in Exile (MacVeagh) to the Secretary of State

Greek 154. Ambassador Leeper at Beirut has transmitted to me a message for the President from Professor Svolos, Mr. Porphyrogennis and Mr. Roussos handed to him by the former who in so doing stated “that he had no objection to the publication of a similar message which he also handed to Mr. Leeper addressed to Mr. Churchill.”

My immediately following telegram63 contains the text of the message for the President followed by the text of the one for Mr. Churchill.

I am informed that in forwarding the latter message to London the British contemplate recommending its publication as suggested in view of its “quite useful” condemnation by delegates of both the Political Committee and the Communist Party of the “mad action of irresponsible persons” in causing the recent mutinies.

Owing to the illness of Mr. Papandreou the formal opening of the conference has been delayed but it is now expected to take place tomorrow.

Repeated to Algiers for Murphy; sent to Department.

  1. Infra.