711.93114A/42: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Harrison)

538. American Interests—China. As indicated by Department’s 1695, July 3, 1942,3 monthly payments to qualified civilian internees and prisoners of war may, if necessary, be increased, in accordance with paragraph 15 of Department’s 1202 of February 14, 1942,2 to $65, the maximum for China. (Your 822, February 10.) Fontanel should report number of American civilian internees and number of American prisoners of war now receiving financial assistance in occupied China.

For Department’s information in considering possible increase in maximum for qualified uninterned American nationals in occupied China, ask Fontanel to report total number receiving financial assistance and to recommend maximum monthly payment that would provide for their minimum essential needs.

Further information concerning suggested gifts in kind through Red Cross, or any further suggestions for alleviating situation of Americans in occupied China, would be appreciated.