740.00115 EW/12–2044: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland (Huddle)

4307. American Interests—Germany—Civilian Exchange. There was delivered to the Swiss Legation at Washington today, the list of 750 German civilians, plus the 25 referred to in the Department’s 4282, December 20.63 Of the 208 specifically named by the German Government for repatriation, 136 are included in the list, 29 refused repatriation, 5 could not be found and this Government, on grounds of national security, was unable to agree to the repatriation at this time of 38 of those named by the German Government.

The Swiss Legation was informed that the seamen included in the list would be embarked on the Gripsholm to the extent to which the German Government agrees, prior to the sailing date, to permit the departure from Germany of the American counterparts.

It was pointed out to the Legation that this Government had given preference as requested by the German Government to German nationals from the other American republics and to those former German residents of the United States, who are now interned in this country. Reciprocally, it was expected that the German Government would give consideration to the repatriation of American civilians in line with suggestions which may be made by the Swiss representative at Berlin in charge of American interests.

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