740.00115 EW/12–2644: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland (Huddle)

4342. Department is communicating to you two separate telegrams in plain language regarding: (1) civilian exchange and (2) sick and wounded exchange. These messages are numbered respectively: 4340 and 4341.64

These messages are to be held by you and not delivered to Swiss for transmission to German Government until receipt by you of a telegram from the Embassy at London stating that the Allied Military authorities have given their approval for the exchange to take place through Switzerland.65 London is obtaining the necessary approval [Page 820] and is being instructed to advise you immediately by telegraph when these messages may be delivered to the Swiss.

Furthermore, the Embassy at Paris is being requested to inform you direct when French authorities have agreed to the exchange operation.

Please coordinate the delivery to the Swiss of these messages with your British colleague.

  1. Both dated December 26, printed infra.
  2. Telegram 11457, December 27, 1944, 3 p.m., indicated concurrence by Allied military authorities in proposal that the entire combined exchange of civilians and sick and wounded prisoners of war be effected in Switzerland (via Marseilles) (711.62114 Sick/12–2744).