841.79658/72: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

313. Colonel Hardison, Military Air Attaché, who has just arrived in Stockholm informs me that he learned in London from military authorities that General Spaatz28 has received instructions from General Arnold29 to undertake mission which was subject of my 128, January 14, 2 p.m. and previous correspondence. Colonel Hardison says that this message from General Arnold to General Spaatz was only information Army authorities in London had about matter. Colonel Rayens has received nothing from War Department. I think it important that matter be closed by War Department at once. This undertaking will require most detailed and confidential liaison between our Air Attaché and Swedish authorities and it is, in my opinion, advisable for preliminary work to be begun without delay. I respectfully suggest that American Embassy, London, be advised in full and that Norwegian Legation, particularly Military Attaché Colonel Berg in Stockholm, receive appropriate instructions. Colonel Berg is a man of utmost discretion. His close cooperation is essential to carrying out this mission. Colonel Rayens who has already spoken to him about it discovered he had no information.

  1. Gen. Carl Spaatz, Commander, United States Army Air Forces in Europe.
  2. Gen. Henry H. Arnold, Commanding General, Army Air Forces.