841.79658/68: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

128. Foreign Minister presented yesterday to Prime Minister and Cabinet question referred to in Department’s 61, January 13, 10 [11] a.m. Foreign Office has informed me that Government approved statements made to me by Foreign Minister Gunther on January 4 and reported in my 23, January 4, 6 p.m. Foreign Office official reiterated certain conditions which Swedish Government desires be carried out in connection with this operating, primarily that planes used shall be unarmed and that all markings of plane and dress of crew shall be of a civilian character. Foreign Office official further emphasized that trips made to Sweden by these transport planes must be spaced and that no large number arrive at any one time. He accepted a suggestion from me that as soon as proper directives came from Washington, Military Attaché be authorized to contact appropriate Swedish authorities with a view to affecting all practical arrangements regarding arrival, landing, take off. Foreign Office agreed. Swedish Government also requests that these planes bring as much as possible of oil and gasoline which will be required for return flight. Swedish Government will be glad to assist in this matter in any case of emergency. Mr. Boheman27 pointed out that if Sweden furnishes oil and gas for return flight it will necessitate its being replaced by new shipments from abroad which would raise questions with Germans which might [Page 1208] be embarrassing and he thinks it is unnecessary to create the issue. Mr. Boheman also suggested that Swedish Government would greatly appreciate it if some of these planes on their trip to Sweden might bring valuable freight belonging to Sweden from Great Britain within limits of import quotas set up by trade agreement. As planes will be travelling empty we might possibly be able to do Swedes a favor in this connection which would be appreciated and could be turned to our benefit later.

  1. Erik C. Boheman, Secretary General, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.