841.79658/73a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé to the Norwegian Government in Exile (Schoenfeld), at London

802. Norwegian Series. Air Transport Command has received a request from British military authorities to assist in air transportation from Sweden to the United Kingdom of about 2,000 Norwegian air crew trainees of military age. Department has obtained Swedish [Page 1209] Government consent for the necessary flights from Scotland to Sweden and return. These flights would be made in American Army aircraft which would be unarmed and manned by American Army crews in civilian clothes.

Swedish Government consent having been obtained all that remains is the working out of technical details between the American Military Attaché in Stockholm and the Swedish authorities and instructions from the Norwegian Government to Colonel Berg, Norwegian Military Attaché in Stockholm, to cooperate with his American colleague. We understand that if operation is to take place and is to function smoothly early action must be taken by Colonel Berg and Norwegian authorities in Sweden with respect to selection of the men to be flown out and their assembly at points to be agreed upon.

As Air Transport Command is prepared to undertake operation in the very near future please inquire of the Norwegian Government direct whether they desire the operation of an American service.

Urgent telegraphic reply requested.