740.00115 European War 1939/11–1444: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Consul General at Naples (Brandt)

684. Department is informed by War Department that SACMED88 has agreed to repatriation of properly documented United Nations nationals in Italy in so far as military circumstances permit. (See Tam 348 November 3 to General Wilson from CCS.89) In considering applications for repatriation of American nationals residing in your district you should give preference to following categories:

Persons who are ill or disabled.
Persons who are aged and infirm.
Persons whose repatriation would result in the reunion of families.
Children under 15 years of age.
Individual cases, the merits of each to be considered separately:
Persons left alone through the death of a near relative especially when death caused by hostilities.
Persons whose residences have been destroyed through military action.
Men of military age or others whose repatriation would aid the Allied war effort.
Women who are married to Italian nationals but have retained their American nationality.

Department notes that repatriation of American civilians escaped from enemy territory is covered by final paragraph of October 5 letter from Headquarters NATOUSA.90

Issuance of passports and other documents will be covered in a separate communication.

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American nationals who are presently receiving financial assistance from official funds should be reminded that they are under obligation to accept earliest opportunity for repatriation and that refusal will result in complete curtailment of further assistance.

Inform Ampolad Rome and Palermo.

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