703.5455/9–2344: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland ( Harrison ) to the Secretary of State 62

6322. Belgium—American Interests. Your 3182, September 14, communicated Foreign Office September 15. Latter replies note September 21 advising Swiss Consul Brussels given necessary instructions gradual relinquishment American interests.63 Note adds matters relating Belgium having been centralized Swiss Legation, Berlin, appears possible part archives taken over by Swiss Consulate, Brussels, have been transferred Berlin.64 In such case Foreign Office will have records sent from Berlin to Bern for reforwarding by earliest means.

No response yet received to concluding paragraph Department’s 3021, September 1.

  1. Telegram 8066, October 3, 1 p.m., transmitted the substance of this telegram to London, for Ernest de W. Mayer, Second Secretary of Embassy in Belgium.
  2. The Embassy in Belgium (reestablished on September 14) and the Consulate General at Antwerp (established on October 17) were opened to the public on September 18 and November 17, respectively.

    The Ambassador in Belgium (Sawyer) was accredited also to Luxembourg where the Legation (reestablished September 23) was opened to the public on October 2, 1944.

  3. According to telegram 6380, September 26, from Bern, the archives were not transferred to Berlin but remained in Belgium and the Netherlands (703.5455/9–2644).