702.5451/9–2344: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

6321. Your 3252 September 21.60 Swiss Foreign Office reports chief Foreign Interests Section of Swiss Consulate Nice (removed to Grenoble) arrived Nice September 8 and agreed with American Officer in charge civil affairs that Swiss Consulate now at Nice would continue protection Americans in district61 until functions taken over by representative State Department. Postal service having been reestablished September 12 Swiss Consulate forwarded relief receipts to qualified recipients for September payments.

  1. See footnote 50, p. 1203.
  2. A memorandum of September 26 by a divisional assistant of the Division of Special War Problems (Correll) stated that the Department’s records indicated that at that time approximately 75 American nationals were receiving monthly financial assistance from the Swiss Consulate at Nice (temporarily at Grenoble); in addition to this number it was anticipated that a considerable number of Americans formerly resident at Nice who had left because of German pressure or who had been forcibly evacuated to other parts of France would return to Nice as soon as feasible (702.5451/9–2344).