703.5455/9–1444: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland ( Harrison )51

3182. American Interests—Belgium. In view of liberation of Brussels and Antwerp52 and impending arrival there of representatives of Department, please make to Swiss Government in respect of communications with Swiss Consul Brussels an offer corresponding to that contained in first paragraph of Department’s 3021, September 1, 8 p.m., with regard to Paris.

It would be helpful if Swiss Consul Brussels could proceed with arrangements for separate transfer to Department’s representatives Brussels and Antwerp of archives relating to matters in their respective districts.

Please request that Swiss Consul Brussels be instructed regarding transfer of American interests along lines discussed in Department’s 3021. As it is anticipated that it will be infeasible fully to staff at the outset American offices at Brussels and Antwerp a gradual transfer of interests there as at Paris is anticipated.

Please report along lines prescribed in final paragraph of Department’s 3021.

  1. Paraphrase transmitted in telegram 7487 on the same date to London for (1) the Counselor of Embassy in Belgium (Harrington) or the Second Secretary (Mayer), and (2) the Consul at Dublin (Anderson), who was to be assigned to Antwerp.
  2. September 4–5.