800.42/482: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

3124. From Fulbright. Excellent progress was made last week toward drafting a plan for a United Nations organization for educational and cultural reconstruction. Open meetings attended by representatives of all member and observer states connected with Conference of Allied Ministers of Education were held the 12th and 14th. Agreement was reached on general principles and a small committee was appointed on Friday to prepare a final draft for presentation to the April 19th session of the Conference.

The drafting committee met yesterday and completed its work in one session. The organizational plan consists of seven sections. The first contains a preamble restating in summary the main principles of the Department’s declaration of policy on educational reconstruction. Section two states the objectives of the organization. These [Page 970] follow in general the Department’s statement of topics on which the delegation was instructed to seek modes of collaboration with the Conference. Section three declares that membership in the organization shall be open to all the United Nations and associated nations and to such other nations as shall be accepted by the Assembly on application after the cessation of hostilities with the Axis. Section four lists the agencies of the proposed organization, providing for an assembly with equal representation by all member states, an executive board to be elected by the Assembly and an international secretariat. Fifth or financial section provides that the national contributions for administrative expenses shall be determined by the Assembly. It also provides for creation of emergency rehabilitation fund controlled by an emergency rehabilitation fund committee. National contributions will be fixed by committee subject to approval of each contributing nation. Committee will consist of representatives of three states making largest contributions for administrative expenses and three members elected by executive board. Committee will also allocate fund. Section six contains provisions relating to ratification, amendment and interpretation. Amendment and interpretation clauses follow closely those in statute of the United Nations Food Organization. When 20 of the United Nations or associated nations indicate to the Conference of Allied Ministers their intention to adhere to the new organization, the Conference will convene the first meeting of the Assembly. Section seven contains miscellaneous provisions relating to obligations of member nations to supply information about educational and cultural matters, legal status of organization and staff, cooperation with existing international organizations in educational and cultural fields and relationship of organization to any agency for coordinating public international organizations.

The delegation has been greatly impressed by the fine spirit of cooperation and genuine international good will which members of the Conference of Allied Ministers of Education have manifested. They have shown every disposition to meet the delegation in a friendly and generous spirit, and it is believed therefore that the plan as outlined above will be approved without substantial amendment by the Conference. In that case it is believed that the Conference will submit it to the United Nations and associated nations with an invitation to adhere to the proposed organization.

The delegation is also making progress towards ascertaining material needs of occupied countries for educational rehabilitation and expects to devote major part of its time to this task during remainder of visit. [Fulbright.]