Memorandum by the Secretary of State to President Roosevelt 8

In pursuance of the approval which you conveyed on March 16 to Assistant Secretary Shaw9 of our collaboration with the Conference [Page 969] of Allied Ministers of Education, it is proposed, if you agree, to invite the persons listed below to make up our delegation to the April meeting of the Conference in London.10 The composition of the delegation has been discussed with Archibald MacLeish who agrees that there would be a distinct advantage in having a member of Congress serve as chairman of the delegation. As you know, Representative Fulbright has been President of the University of Arkansas.

Representative J. William Fulbright, Chairman of Delegation, (Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs);

Archibald MacLeish, (Librarian of Congress);

John W. Studebaker, (Commissioner, United States Office of Education);

Dr. Grayson N. Kefauver, (Consultant to Department of State’s Division of Science, Education and Art and Dean of School of Education of Stanford University);

Dr. Ralph E. Turner, (Assistant Chief, Division of Science, Education and Art, Department of State).

[Coincidental with the departure of the delegation for London, there was released on March 31 a statement of policy on the participation of the United States in this Conference. See Department of State Bulletin, April 1, 1944, page 299.]

  1. Marginal note: “CH OK FDR.”
  2. Memorandum to the Assistant Secretary of State, not printed.
  3. In addition to those listed, C. Mildred Thompson, Dean of Vassar College, was also appointed to the American delegation.