500.CC/10–244: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman )

2340. Personal for the Ambassador. Please deliver promptly to Mr. Molotov the following message from me:

We consider it a matter of prime importance in connection with plans which we have made here that the agreed proposals reached at Dumbarton Oaks be published on Monday, October 9. I am sure that Ambassador Gromyko has already made plain to you our interest in this matter, but we consider it of sufficient importance to bring the matter directly to your attention.
In this connection you will already have been informed by Ambassador Gromyko that definitive agreement has not yet been reached on the fourth paragraph of the proposed identic statement to be issued at each of the four capitals at the time of the publication of the agreed proposals. At the last meeting of the Soviet phase of the Dumbarton Oaks conversations it was agreed that this matter would have to be adjusted by direct interchange between London and Moscow. I trust that prompt agreement on this point will be reached and that you will be good enough to communicate to me the agreed upon paragraph. It would be most unfortunate if failure to dispose expeditiously of this collateral point were to result in any delay beyond October 9 of the publication of the agreed proposals.
I am sending a similar message to Mr. Eden.71

  1. Telegram 8044, October 2, 10 p.m., not printed.