857.01/134: Telegram

The Chargé to the Norwegian Government in Exile (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

Norweg 14. My 10, April 28, 6 p.m. Foreign Minister Lie tells me Soviet Ambassador Lebedev has sent him a note dated May 3 in reply to the Norwegian Government’s note of April 25 regarding a civil affairs agreement.

According to Lie, note is to following effect: The Soviet Government has received from the United States and British Governments for purpose of consultation, their draft agreements with Norway regarding civil affairs. However, Soviet Government’s study of these drafts is not yet completed and the Soviet point of view has not yet been communicated to the United States and British Governments. Regarding the Norwegian Government’s wish to conclude an agreement with the USSR and to determine beforehand forms of cooperation between the authorities of the two countries in case of Allied military operations in Norway, the Soviet Government has no objections in principle to the proposal and is prepared to start discussions. Lie adds that he entered upon such discussions with Lebedev on May 4 using as a basis the same draft as that agreed upon with us. Lebedev is now studying the draft but Lie believes he already has authority to sign.79 Lie hopes the matter may be concluded shortly and says Norwegian Government would be pleased if the agreements with all three powers could be signed the same day.

  1. In his telegram 15, May 15, noon, the Chargé to the Norwegian Government in Exile at London reported that Soviet Ambassador Lebedev had informed Foreign Minister Lie of the willingness of the Soviet Government to sign a civil affairs agreement with the Norwegian Government (857.01/136).