857.01/132: Telegram

The Chargé to the Norwegian Government in Exile (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

Norwegian series 10. In a note of April 25 to Soviet Ambassador Lebedev,77 Foreign Minister Lie78 refers to a conversation with him on April 22 regarding a civil affairs agreement and says Norwegian Government understood that three great powers had agreed that liberation of Norway should be left to British and American forces. Hence Soviet Government was not approached when civil affairs agreement was under negotiations with the British and American Governments. He adds Norwegian Government does not know whether such understanding between great powers for operations in Norway was arrived at and, if so, whether it is still valid or whether some other arrangement has been made. Accordingly in order to meet foreseen and unforeseen circumstances, Norwegian Government regards it as highly desirable that there be a similar agreement with the Soviet Government. In the absence of certain knowledge about the plans of the military leaders, the Norwegian Government would be grateful if the Soviet Government would be willing to commence discussions with view to arriving at such an agreement.

By air.

  1. Viktor Zaharovich Lebedev, Soviet Ambassador to the Governments in Exile at London.
  2. Trygve Halvdan Lie, Norwegian Foreign Minister.