740.00119 E. W./11–2444: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

10348. Personal for Mr. Dunn. The Russians in considering assignment of zones in Austria and division of Vienna into areas for occupation will under most recent instructions want us to take a western zone in Austria bordering on our southern zone in Germany rather than limiting our occupation to a part of Vienna and with a small force as had been previously agreed in principle in our earlier conversations. For political reasons believe we would be wise at this time to insist on tripartite control in Austria. In dealing with the Russians we have already seen from developments in Rumania4 and Bulgaria5 that there must be reasonable sharing in occupation if there is to be an effective sharing of political authority.

You will remember Moscow Declaration on Austria and also will recall that when this matter was up before I was uncompromising in pressing for the Northwestern Zone in Germany which may [apparent omission] any occupation of Austria a separate area from the logistic point of view. It occurs to me that in view of the necessary prohibition of fraternization in Germany occupation of an Austrian zone contiguous to our German zone might provide convenient recreation centers and rest areas for US forces stationed in southern Germany. Apparently it is the understanding of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CCS [Page 471]481/6 of September 8) that the total force necessary to occupy the whole of Austria after German collapse would amount to four divisions and a small tactical air force.

I would greatly appreciate an informal opinion from you personally on this question.

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