740.00119 Control (Austria)/10–1444

The British Embassy to the Department of State 87


The new situation in respect of Hungary88 makes it probable that the Russians will occupy a considerable part of Austria including Vienna while SACMED’s89 forces are still held up in Italy, possibly until after the winter.

His Majesty’s Government consider it essential that as soon as Vienna has been occupied by any Allied forces, a tri-partite control commission be at once established in Vienna in anticipation of eventual tri-partite control of the whole of Austria.

His Majesty’s Government suggests that the United States Government join them in approaching the Soviet Government without delay through diplomatic channels inquiring as to their plans and stating that just as if Anglo-American forces reach Vienna first, the two Governments will certainly invite the Soviet Government to send representatives to establish tri-partite control, so they also expect to receive a similar invitation if Russian forces reach Vienna.

  1. Marginal note reads: “Handed by D. D. Maclean of the British Embassy on Oct. 14. Telegram to Moscow drafted Oct. 17. British Embassy informed of telegram to Moscow. CE [Division of Central European Affairs]/J[ames] W. R[iddleberger]”.
  2. For correspondence regarding the Allied armistice with Hungary, see vol. iii, pp. 847 ff.
  3. Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater (General Wilson).