740.00119 EAC/6–1244

The British Embassy to the Department of State

It is important that His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom should know as soon as possible how far the United States Government are prepared to participate in the occupation and control of Austria. They need this information in preparing their own estimates of manpower required during the period after the close of hostilities with Germany.

The following formula was included at the suggestion of the United States Chiefs of Staff as paragraph 3 of telegram No. Cosmed37 127 sent to General Wilson,38 A.F.H.Q.,39 Algiers on June 9th by the Combined Chiefs of Staff:

“With regard to the occupation of South East Europe the policy of the United States may be summarised as follows:

No United States forces will be employed as occupational forces in Southern Europe, including Austria, or South East Europe, including the Balkans. Such United States forces as may be present in these areas due to military operations will be withdrawn as soon as practicable after the cessation of hostilities.
United States participation of civil affairs in Southern and South East Europe will be limited to procurement and shipment of supplies to Albania, Yugoslavia, and Greece, and to the employment of a small number of officers in connection with distribution until such time as UNRRA40 can take over these duties.”

According to this formula no United States forces would be available for the occupation of Austria. It is not clear from sub-paragraph B [Page 435]of this formula whether the United States objection to participating in civil affairs in “Southern and South Eastern Europe” would also extend to Austria.

The United States representative on the European Advisory Commission,41 however, stated at a meeting of the three representatives on May 31st42 that he was authorised to accept the proposal for tripartite occupation of Austria.

His Majesty’s Government are anxious to have a statement of the intentions of the United States Government in this matter. If the United States Government in fact intend, as His Majesty’s Government much hope they do, to participate in a three power occupation, it is desired to know what is likely to be their contribution towards:

Civilian personnel of three power control machinery.
Administrative personnel of military government; and
Military forces of occupation.

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