740.0011 European War 1939/34356: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in the United Kingdom (Bucknell) to the Secretary of State

4204. For Dunn from Phillips. Combined Censorship Committee is now prepared to negotiate censorship agreements with the Norwegian, Belgian and Netherlands Governments. We propose to have a single United States/United Kingdom agreement with each Government signed in behalf of SCAEF by General Gale,15 Chief Administrative Officer at SHAEF (as was done in Belgian labor agreement) thus keeping agreements on a military level. Draft agreement we have prepared as a basis of negotiations points out that purposes to be achieved are

Security of forces under SCAEF and of other United Nations.
Enforcement of terms of surrender.
Securing of intelligence of value to United Nations in conduct of the war.

After emphasizing need for integrated censorship policy in territory directly under SCAEF and in liberated territories under indigenous Governments, the draft provides that the (blank) Government agrees:

To establish adequate censorship of all civilian communications, national and international.
To maintain this censorship in such areas for such time, and in accordance with methods and purposes requested by SCAEF, and to supply SCAEF and US/UK Governments with any information required by them.
To receive liaison officers from SCAEF, and
To appoint representatives to attend CCC16 meetings when requested.
The (blank) Government may conduct its censorship for such additional purposes consistent with the agreement as it desires. After period has expired for which SCAEF has desired the censorship, (blank) Government may not discontinue or substantially modify [Page 1511] such censorship save with prior notice to CCC, and after consideration of any representation CCC may desire to make.
Agreement will not apply to press, radio, or public cinema.17

Peake18 and I have prepared joint letters19 as Chairmen of the CCC to Foreign Ministers of the three Governments explaining in broad terms need for cooperation and SCAEF’S wishes in matter and requesting that they appoint representatives to meet with representatives of the CCC. Negotiations will be carried on separately but simultaneously.

Peake is checking the above with Foreign Office, and I shall appreciate receiving your views urgently by telegraph. Text of draft agreement mailed to you today. [Phillips.]

  1. Lt. Gen. Humfrey M. Gale, a British officer.
  2. Combined Censorship Committee.
  3. A copy of the Revised Draft Agreement was sent by Mr. Phillips to Mr. Dunn in a letter dated May 30, 1944; filed under 800.711/95 with the Minutes of the tenth meeting of the Combined Censorship Committee.
  4. Charles Brinsley Pemberton Peake, British Political Liaison Officer to the Supreme Allied Commander, with the personal rank of Minister.
  5. Not printed; this letter was sent to the French, Norwegian, Netherlands, and Belgian Governments on June 7. See telegram 5944, July 27, from London, p. 1519.