740.00119 EAC/49: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

392. Comea 6. On January 13 Strang sent a personal communication enclosing text of a “note about Norway which we propose to circulate to the European Advisory Commission.”37

[Page 19]

I understand that this document has been communicated in its entirety to the British Embassy in Washington, and through them to you. We were told yesterday that the following sentence should be inserted between the first and second sentences of paragraph 1: “This question was placed on the agenda of the Moscow Conference by the UK delegation, who submitted a draft resolution to the Conference, a copy of which is annexed.” We have therefore revised our copy to include this correction.

In his communication, Strang further stated the following:

“You will see that what we should ask the Commission to do would not be to approve the actual text of the agreement, but merely to take note of the circumstances attending its negotiation and the principles upon which it is based.

We should hope that the US delegation would be in a position to agree to this proposal.

Our present idea is to circulate this paper some time between the first and second meetings of the Commission.”

I am replying in writing to Strang and stating that this delegation is not in a position to agree to this proposal or to any discussion in the Commission of the Norwegian Civil Affairs Agreement. I have so informed Eden.

  1. Neither the letter nor the enclosed note is printed.