811.515/2072: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Colombia ( Lane )

A–1360. Treasury has learned from a representative of the Federal Reserve Board, recently returned from a tour of South America, that the Banco de la República is holding United States dollar currency in the amount of approximately $45,000, allegedly obtained from travelers and the Embassy, which it is reluctant to forward to the United States because of the possibility of such currency being impounded.

It would appear that such hesitation by the Banco de la República probably results from the uncertainty expressed by the Minister of Hacienda41 over the three conditions outlined in the Embassy’s telegram no. 1151 of July 5, 1943. Substantially such conditions are included in the cut-off plan as proposed by Treasury (Department’s circular airgram of April 7, 194342) about which instructions will soon be sent to the various Missions. However, it is believed desirable that the bank’s doubts concerning the release of the currency should be resolved as soon as possible.

The Embassy is requested in its discretion to discuss this matter with the Banco de la República. If the Embassy is in a position to certify the source of the funds under reference, the Banco de la República should be informed that the Treasury Department does not anticipate any undue delay with respect to its release should such currency be forwarded to the United States for collection.

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